Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Comprehensive protection for executives against legal liabilities, safeguarding their personal assets in the intricate world of business. It provides a robust safety net for directors and officers, ensuring peace of mind amidst the complexities of corporate governance.

What is Director’s & Officer’s Liability Insurance?

Directors & Officers liability insurance is essential for organisations seeking to safeguard their leadership from legal risks. It covers individuals in managerial roles, including present, retired, or future directors, as well as officers, against claims arising from their management decisions. Mitigata's D&O insurance offers blanket coverage on an unnamed basis, providing comprehensive protection for your organisation's leadership.


All in one

Directors & Liability Cyber Insurance

External entities, vital for business growth & operational efficiency, can also pose diverse cyber risks to your organisation.

Defence Coverage

Coverage for legal defence costs incurred in defending claims against directors and officers.

Settlement Protection

Coverage for settlements or judgments resulting from covered claims.

Asset Protection

Protection for the personal assets of directors and officers.

Fiduciary Coverage

Coverage for claims related to alleged breaches of fiduciary duty, mismanagement, or errors in decision-making.

Intentional Acts

Claims arising from intentional or criminal acts.

Property Exclusions

Claims related to bodily injury or property damage.

Fraud Claims

Claims arising from fraud, dishonesty, or illegal gains.

Litigation Exclusions

Claims related to prior or pending litigation at the time the policy is purchased.

Disclaimer: Explanations in "What's Covered" are illustrative and subject to the Policy's terms, conditions, and exclusions. Refer to the Policy Document for details.

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Why Should You Get A

D&O Insurance ?

Protection for Directors and Officers

D&O insurance provides financial protection for directors and officers against personal liability arising from alleged wrongful acts or decisions made while performing their duties.

Risk Management Tool

It serves as a risk management tool by attracting qualified individuals to serve on boards and executive positions without the fear of personal financial repercussions in the event of lawsuits or legal claims.

Defence Costs Coverage

D&O insurance covers legal defence costs, settlements, and judgments incurred by directors and officers in lawsuits alleging errors, omissions, or breaches of fiduciary duties.

Financial Security for the Organization

It offers financial security for the organisation by indemnifying directors and officers for losses resulting from claims related to their managerial decisions or actions taken on behalf of the company.

Enhanced Corporate Governance

Having D&O insurance in place demonstrates a commitment to corporate governance and risk management practices, which can enhance investor confidence and attract potential investors.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

In some jurisdictions, D&O insurance may be required by law or mandated by investors as a condition for providing funding or investment capital.

Protection Against Shareholder Lawsuits

D&O insurance safeguards directors and officers from shareholder lawsuits, regulatory investigations, or allegations of negligence, mismanagement, or breach of duty.

All Industries For

D&O Insurance

D&O insurance is essential for directors and officers across all industries, including but not limited to:


Health Tech


Consumer Tech





Claims & Incident

Response Processes

We've developed a comprehensive approach to claims and incident response processes, aimed at protecting your reputation and ensuring its resilience in the face of cyber threats.

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Our Claims Approach

Mitigata’s Employee Benefits Insurance ensures swift, comprehensive claim processing, supporting your workforce's well-being. Our approach integrates seamlessly with HR systems for efficient management, ensuring employees receive their entitled benefits promptly. We prioritize a hassle-free experience, fostering a healthy, motivated team ready to drive your organization’s success.

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Our Incident Response

At Mitigata, our incident response for Employee Benefits Insurance provides immediate, compassionate support for employees facing health or personal challenges. We offer real-time assistance and guidance, ensuring quick resolution of claims and access to benefits. Our dedicated team stands ready to support employee well-being, enhancing workforce resilience and satisfaction.

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Our Broker Advantage

Mitigata equips brokers with customizable Employee Benefits Insurance solutions, enabling you to meet diverse client needs effectively. Our offerings are designed to attract and retain top talent, enhancing employer competitiveness. With Mitigata, you can offer clients real-time claims tracking, 24/7 support, and automated endorsements, setting the standard for employee care.

Things You

Probably Wonder

Directors & Officers liability insurance provides coverage for individuals in managerial or supervisory positions within organisations. It protects them from personal financial losses arising from legal actions brought against them for alleged wrongful acts in their capacity as directors or officers.

This policy is typically purchased by organisations to provide coverage for individuals serving in managerial or supervisory roles, including present, retired, or future directors and officers.

D&O insurance covers expenses related to legal defence costs, settlements, and judgments resulting from lawsuits alleging wrongful acts in the management of the company. It also provides coverage for certain legal liabilities not covered by other insurance policies.

The minimum age requirement for purchasing D&O insurance may vary depending on the insurance provider and specific policy terms. It's advisable to check with your insurance agent or provider for eligibility criteria.

The benefits of D&O insurance include protection for directors and officers against personal financial losses, coverage for legal defence costs, settlements, and judgments, and safeguarding the personal assets of individuals serving in managerial roles.

While D&O insurance primarily covers liabilities arising from management decisions and actions, some policies may include coverage for cyber-related liabilities, such as data breaches and privacy violations. It's essential to review the policy terms and discuss specific coverage options with your insurance provider.

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