See how Mitigata works to help you stay ahead of Risks

Mitigata Insurance’s Active Risk Monitoring offers continuous vigilance over your digital assets. Stay protected with our comprehensive security shield. Secure IP, endpoints, apps, domains, third-party connections & many more…

Detect, Assess and Mitigate your company’s risk

Mitigata gives you an unparalleled view of your organization's most pressing cyber risks and allows you to take action before they turn into attacks.


Mitigata's advanced risk monitoring system identifies potential cyber threats in real-time, enabling proactive detection before they escalate.


Mitigata's risk assessment tools provide insights into the severity of cyber risks, empowering informed decision-making on risk prioritisation.


Mitigata offers robust mitigation capabilities to address identified cyber risks effectively, facilitating rapid response and remediation

Monitor Third Party risk

Manage third-party risks effectively with our comprehensive platform. Achieve complete protection across all users, applications, and digital interactions. Provide your team with precise tools to securely navigate digital environments and address potential threats with accuracy.

Product Features

Mitigata's comprehensive suite of features empowers organisations to manage and mitigate diverse cyber risks effectively.

Risk Assessment

Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities with our advanced evaluation tools.

Security Findings

Access detailed reports on security weaknesses and actionable steps for improvement.

Security Notifications

Stay ahead with alerts on emerging threats and breaches affecting your network.

Attack Surface Monitoring

Proactively monitor and mitigate vulnerabilities to prevent potential cyberattacks.

Security Checklist

Implement best practices with a guided checklist tailored to enhance your cybersecurity.


Navigating the Complexities of Cyber Risk

In today's interconnected digital landscape, navigating cyber risk requires a comprehensive understanding of the intricate web of threats facing organisations


Companies experienced an impactful third- party breach in the last 12 months.


companies do not risk assessing their third- party vendors properly.

$4.42 M

Estimated average cost of a data breach incident in 2023.


Things You

Probably Wonder

Mitigata Console is a comprehensive risk monitoring platform offered by Mitigata Insurance. It provides continuous vigilance over your digital assets, allowing you to stay protected with a comprehensive security shield. The console helps detect, assess, and mitigate your organisation's most pressing cyber risks, enabling proactive action before they escalate into attacks.

Mitigata Console offers a range of features to enhance risk management, including risk assessment, security findings, security notifications, security checklist, and attack surface monitoring. These features empower organisations to understand and navigate the complexities of cyber risk more effectively.

Mitigata Console enables organisations to take control of third-party risks by providing an all-encompassing platform. It ensures total protection for every user, application, and digital touchpoint, allowing businesses to manage potential threats with unmatched precision.

Understanding the risk of cyber threats is crucial for businesses as external entities, vital for business growth and operational efficiency, can also pose diverse cyber risks. Without proper risk assessment and mitigation measures, organisations are vulnerable to costly data breaches and reputational damage.

Recent statistics reveal that 42% of companies experienced an impactful third-party breach in the last 12 months, while 56% of companies do not adequately assess their third-party vendors' risks. Additionally, the estimated average cost of a data breach incident in 2023 was $4.42 million, emphasising the need for active cyber insurance and risk monitoring solutions like Mitigata Console.

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