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Personal Cyber Insurance

Personal Cyber Insurance from Mitigata offers robust protection for individuals, starting at an affordable ₹149. With our comprehensive coverage, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your online activities are safeguarded against cyber threats, allowing you to navigate the digital world worry-free.

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Personal & Family Cyber Insurance

Mitigata offers tailored personal and family cyber insurance plans to address diverse cyber risks, ensuring holistic protection for you and your loved ones.

Theft of Funds

Coverage for money stolen from bank accounts, credit or debit cards, or digital wallets due to digital frauds like phishing, spoofing, or unauthorised access to personal information.

Online Shopping

Protection against losses incurred from shopping on fraudulent websites that deliver fake products instead of those advertised.


Coverage for costs associated with removing harmful content posted by cyber-bullies, including legal fees, psychological consultations, and online reputation restoration.

Identity Theft

Financial loss, credit monitoring expenses, and legal costs covered for stealing and misuse of legal documents like Aadhaar or PAN card by unknown third parties online.

Social Media Liability

Protection against third-party claims arising from privacy breaches or copyright infringements related to your social media posts.

Data Restoration from Malware Contamination

Indemnity for recovering lost data resulting from malware attacks on devices like phones or laptops, rendering them unusable.

Cyber Extortion

Coverage for financial losses and legal costs incurred due to online hacking of devices and systems.

Electronic Devices Protection

Safeguarding against theft or monetary loss resulting from malware attacks on laptops or mobile devices. Coverage includes removing malware or replacing damaged hardware containing sensitive personal data.

Physical Theft

Theft or loss of physical items unrelated to cyber incidents.

Non-Digital Financial Losses

Losses incurred through traditional financial means, such as physical bank robberies or ATM theft.

Intentional Acts

Damages resulting from intentional acts or gross negligence by the insured.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Losses related to cyber incidents that occurred before the policy's effective date.

War or Terrorism

Losses arising from acts of war, terrorism, or civil unrest.

Losses from Uninsured Devices

Losses from devices not covered under the policy.

Unauthorised Business Activities

Losses incurred from unauthorised or illegal business activities.

Consequential Losses

Indirect losses resulting from cyber incidents, such as loss of profits or business interruption.

Disclaimer: Explanations in "What's Covered" are illustrative and subject to the Policy's terms, conditions, and exclusions. Refer to the Policy Document for details.


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Mitigata provides custom Cyber Insurance plans for families and individuals ensuring total digital protection.

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Claims & Incident

Response Processes

We've developed a comprehensive approach to claims and incident response processes, aimed at protecting your business from cyber threats.

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Our Claims Approach

Mitigata tailors cyber claims handling for individuals, combining speed and coordination to minimize personal losses and swiftly restore digital peace.

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Our Incident Response

Experience immediate, expert support tailored to personal cyber threats, ensuring minimal impact on your digital life.

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Our Broker Advantage

Empower your offerings with Mitigata's Personal Cyber Insurance, designed to meet the unique digital risks faced by individuals.

Things You

Probably Wonder

Cyber insurance is a financial protection policy designed to mitigate losses from cyber-related incidents, including data breaches, cyberattacks, and online fraud.

Cyber fraud refers to any fraudulent activity carried out using digital means, such as phishing scams, identity theft, and online financial fraud.

Cyber fraud encompasses various types of malicious activities, including phishing, identity theft, ransomware attacks, online scams, and social engineering.

Cyber insurance policies are available for individuals, businesses of all sizes, organisations, and even government entities seeking protection against cyber risks.

The minimum age requirement to purchase cyber insurance may vary depending on the insurance provider and the specific terms of the policy. However, in general, adults of legal age can purchase cyber insurance for personal or business use.

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