Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance offers crucial defense against legal claims arising from negligence, covering legal expenses and potential damages. It's vital for professionals across various industries, ensuring financial stability and peace of mind amid the litigious aspects of their work.

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional Indemnity Insurance is your shield against the unexpected. It covers legal expenses and any resulting damages stemming from misjudgments, oversights, or mistakes in the services you provide. From consultants to architects, accountants to engineers, professionals across diverse industries rely on this insurance to ensure financial stability and peace of mind in an increasingly litigious environment.

Shield Your Professional Integrity

Professional Indemnity Insurance

In the realm of professional services, unforeseen challenges can emerge, threatening the integrity of your business.

Legal Expenses

Coverage for legal fees and defence costs incurred during the defence against a claim


Payment of damages or settlements resulting from a covered claim

Error or Omission

Protection against claims of negligence, errors, or omissions in professional services

Fraud/Dishonesty of Employees

Coverage for losses resulting from fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by employees in the course of their duties

Intentional Misconduct

Claims arising from intentional acts of wrongdoing or fraud are typically not covered

Criminal Activities

Legal defence and compensation for claims related to criminal activities are excluded

Financial Loss

Compensation for financial losses suffered by clients due to professional services may not be included

Property Damage

Damage to physical property is generally not covered under Professional Indemnity Insurance

Disclaimer: Explanations in "What's Covered" are illustrative and subject to the Policy's terms, conditions, and exclusions. Refer to the Policy Document for details.

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Reasons Why Mitigata

Is A Better Choice

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Expert Legal Support
Tailored Policies
End-to-end claim assistance
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Why Should You Get A

Professional Indemnity

Legal Protection

Safeguard your business against costly legal claims and lawsuits, ensuring financial security and stability.

Client Confidence

Demonstrate your commitment to professionalism and accountability, enhancing client trust and confidence in your services.

Industry Requirement

Many professions require Professional Indemnity Insurance as a mandatory or highly recommended coverage, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable safeguard in place to mitigate the risks associated with professional liabilities.

All Industries for

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Protect Your Professional Reputation Across All Industries


Health Tech


Consumer Tech





Claims & Incident

Response Processes

We've crafted a thorough approach to claims and incident response, designed to shield your professional services and secure your business against the repercussions of negligence claims.

Two individuals, one seated at a computer, the other standing pointing at a document on a clipboard, signifying a collaborative claims processing approach in professional indemnity insurance of Mitigata.

Our Claims Approach

Mitigata's Professional Indemnity Insurance ensures swift and effective claims processing, offering robust legal defense and compensation coverage. Tailored to protect professionals from negligence claims, our approach minimizes financial risk and supports your professional integrity, guaranteeing stability and confidence in your practice.

A person addressing an alert sign, with gears and a computer backdrop, representing a strategic and systematic incident response in professional indemnity insurance of Mitigata.

Our Incident Response

Our incident response for Professional Indemnity Insurance offers immediate, comprehensive support against claims of professional errors or omissions. Mitigata’s expert team swiftly addresses legal challenges, safeguarding your reputation and financial stability. We prioritize your professional integrity, ensuring uninterrupted service excellence.

Our Incident Response

Our Broker Advantage

Mitigata empowers brokers with Professional Indemnity Insurance solutions that cater to a diverse range of professions. Our policies ensure your clients are protected against the financial impacts of legal claims, enhancing your portfolio with tailored, industry-leading coverage. Partner with us to deliver confidence and peace of mind to professionals across all sectors.

Things You

Probably Wonder

Professional Indemnity Insurance typically covers legal costs and expenses incurred in defending against claims, as well as compensation payable to clients for errors, omissions, or negligence in professional services.

Professionals across various industries, including consultants, architects, engineers, IT professionals, and healthcare practitioners, should consider Professional Indemnity Insurance to protect themselves from potential legal claims arising from their professional services.

Professional Indemnity Insurance usually does not cover intentional wrongdoing, criminal acts, contractual disputes, or claims related to bodily injury or property damage.

The amount of coverage needed varies depending on factors such as the nature of your business, the level of risk involved, contractual requirements, and industry standards. It's essential to assess your potential liabilities carefully to determine the appropriate coverage limit.

Professional Indemnity Insurance provides financial protection and peace of mind for professionals facing legal claims or allegations of negligence. It helps safeguard your reputation, assets, and livelihood in the event of unexpected legal challenges.